BMW 1955 R50 VIN# 557645

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Restored - For Sale (Price on Request)

This 1955 R50 came from Mimms FL in boxes. the parts were mostly there but as usual, not all usable. The frame and engine numbers along with the carburetors were original to the bike as was many of the parts that were unique to the first year R50 production. the bike had single cross hubs with aluminum rims, rounded front  top shock shrouds, short Eberspacth air cleaner and the frame mounted head light ears.

The process began by sorting what was there and what was usable. The frame was abused but straight. Lots of welding had to be done due to the modifications that had been made such as moving the center stand mounts and replacing with new, battery tray had to be replaced and the side stand had to be replaced because the hole to mount the side stand had been welded and something resembling a side stand welded in its place. The side stand was replaced with a stainless steel Hall side stand.

The motor was totally rebuilt, the crank and cam shafts evaluated, new slingers, bearings and seals all replaced with new FAG or SKF bearings. The cylinders re-bored and new Schmidt pistons installed, Black Diamond valves and guides were installed into the reconditioned heads. The motor case was media blasted and cleaned to original patina and sprayed with Eastwood clear satin High Temp spray to prevent oxidation as I so with all my cases. The transmission and final drive were treated the same as the engine with all new bearings and seals and the cases treated accordingly.

The frame, swing arms and Earles front end were all sent out to be media blasted to bare metal, primed and powder coated Gloss Black. Tank and fenders  as well as the other assorted parts were sent the painter to have any welding, body work done along with a new hinge for the rear fender. the parts were media blasted to bare metal , primed and painted Avus Black and hand pin stripes applied.

The single cross aluminum rims, levers and all aluminum parts were sent to the polisher to be done and the chrome bits sent to be chromed. Front and rear hubs were media blasted, new wheel bearings properly pre-loaded, stainless steel spokes were laced and trued to the wheels and Metzler 350×18  “C” block tires and tubes mounted and balanced along with new hub caps.

The Bing carbs were totally dismantled, soaked and de-greased. The bodies were media blasted with 9 mil glass bead to achieve a “like new” finish. All jets, gaskets internal parts were replaced with new or like new parts. All rubber parts on the bike were replaced with new. New wiring harness’ were installed, main harness,Hi/Lo Horn, blinker switch and tail harness. The magneto was rebuilt along with some generator re-wiring. New coil, points and condenser were installed on the Mag.

The shocks were re-built and cartridges and rubber bumpers replaced where needed, new swing arm bearings front and rear replaced along with new tapered roller steering head bearings were installed.

While putting together this R50 I decided to install the later head light mounts for durability. the new mounts are rubber mounted to the Earles front end and are not prone to cracks and damage as are the old hard mounted brackets. This bike has new headers and  mufflers. I installed new emblems, Albert head light mirrors, Hella bar end signals and a head light protective guard to complete the project.

The bike is in the process of being road tested.

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    Modifications and/or Repairs:
    • A total restoration was done on the bike including the motor, transmission and final drive. All bearings, pistons, valves and springs replaced, slingers and seals replaced.
    • Single cross wheels, new spokes, bearings, tires and tubes laced, trued and balanced.
    • Swing arms received new bearings and seals.
    • New wiring harness’ and switches throughout.
    • Tapered steering head bearings.
    • Bing Carbs totally rebuilt with all new jets and gaskets
    • Shocks rebuilt, aluminum polished and cartridges replaced where needed.
    • Professionally polished aluminum and chrome re-done.
    • Hella bar end signals, new handlebars, head light protector, Albert mirrors.
    • New coil, points, condenser and magneto re-built.
    • Avus black paint and white hand pin striped.

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