1968 R60US changed to R60/2 Vin# 1815438 Restoration ongoing

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Restored - Not For Sale

This project came to me in 2022 along with a 1967 R60/2. The bike was very rough and had been in a cold storage for many years. the oils and fluids came out like jelly and the grease and grease fittings were solid. I spent a few days getting the bike apart and sorted. The rear fender pin was rusted and needed to be drilled out, the carburetor slides were frozen with built up oxidation. The motor came apart easily and the interior was in very good condition, bore was clean and pistons well fitted and I may get away with a good honing. Needs valves and guides. The tank was clean inside and free of dents. Chrome went to be re-done and all polishing went to my polisher.The hardware will be sent to be CAD plated. I am thinking about doing the bike in Dover White and will probably powder coat the frame and rear swing arm. I got a jump on the media blasting of all the small parts for the painter and most is now finished and ready to leave with the paint and powder pieces.

The paint and powder coat is back. Both were media blasted to bare metal before the finished color applied. the frame and  swing arms received Prismatic Color powder and the tank and fenders were finished in Dover White, base/clear. the electrics were totally dismantled and cleaned and rebuilt with new points, condenser and coil. The carbs were chemically cleaned and the bodies media blasted with a 9 mil bead for a soft surface and the internals fitted with new jets. Swing arms were fitted with new bearings and seals as well as the frame getting new taper roller steering head bearings. Euro low bars have been purchased and the clutch and throttle perches stripped and painted and fitted with polished levers, new switches and harnesses.

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