1967 BMW R60/2 with 1951 Steib S350 Sidecar

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Restored - Not For Sale

This bike has a long history and at this time it is not for sale but is a great example of my early restoration work. Purchased in 1989 from a close friend, I used it to carry lumber to build a house on Martha’s Vineyard island where I,  the bike and sidecar, and my nieces and nephew never missed a chance to ride it in a parade.

Although the bike did not need a ground up restoration, I felt that it deserved it. The complete bottom end of the engine was rebuilt by Ozzie’s BMW of Chico, CA. Ozzie did the work himself and replaced the bearings and connecting rods as well as all of the internal engine bearings. The entire top end, valves, guides and first over pistons were done by Northeast Machine in Tonawanda, NY.

The choice of the paint color was a painful one. The more people I spoke to, the more opinions I received  about BMW’s Dover White color. I had decided that Autopia in Buffalo, NY would do the paint work so one day while sitting in the shop pondering a color selection, the doors of the paint booth opened and a newly painted 1971 Mercedes convertible rolled out. I turned to Autopia’s owner, Rob Williams, and said, “That’s it. That’s the color for the bike and sidecar.”  It turned out to be: ME/BE 013 19166 050.

The rest of the work, total assembly with all new and relevant parts, was completed by me, Airhead Restorations, through the Beemer Barn of WNY.

Acquiring this bike is an interesting story. It belonged to a close friend and we wound up at Mayday Madness in 1989 to sell the bike and sidecar. As soon as Robin, the owner and long time friend took the bike off the trailer, we were accosted with potential buyers and tire kickers. Robin told them that $6,000 was the price and not a penny less. One guy offered $3,500 and he was gently told the price was $6,000 and not a penny less. Over the course of the weekend that same man made 30 or so trips back to see the bike and each time offered $50 more. Robin was insulted and offended at this approach since the bike and sidecar were worth all of the $6,000. At the end of the weekend and no buyer at $6,000, we were loading the bike on the trailer and getting ready to head home when that same man, his offer up to $5,650, came over to offer another $50 thinking that he could now put the rig in his stable. Robin turned and with real anger told him that there was no way he would sell the rig to him for any amount of money. He then turned to me and said, “You have always loved this rig. Give me $4,300 and take it home.” At which point I pulled out my checkbook and wrote a check. The man who had made offers all weekend gave a half-hearted apology at his buying approach and said if $6,000 would not do the deal he would give more because he really wanted the rig. Robin put my check in his pocket and informed the man that the bike and sidecar was not for sale to him for any price, period.

I took it to Martha’s Vineyard and used it to build my house, it lugs lumber real well….

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    Modifications and/or Repairs:
    • Totally disassembled
    • Engine sent to Ozzie’s BMW for a complete bottom end rebuild.
    • Heads and all top end work were completed by me working under John Kasperek of the Beemer Barn of WNY who taught me what I know about restoring BMW motorcycles.
    • Frame and all parts including the sidecar were painted at Autopia, Ltd. in Buffalo, NY
    • All new seals and bearings used throughout the restoration on engine, transmission, final drive and swing arms front and rear.
    • New wiring was used throughout.
    • All assembly was completed using new stainless steel fasteners.

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