1966 R69S BMW #660583 No longer available

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Restored - For Sale (Price on Request)

This 1966 BMW R69S was a total restoration and came together in a spectacular way. The Granada Red paint really makes the bike “pop.” The photographs show the major steps taken during this restoration. Click on any image to see enlarged details of the process.

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    Modifications and/or Repairs:
    • The frame and swing arms were media blasted, zinc primed and painted Granada Red.
    • The front and rear swing arms received new bearings and seals.
    • Engine totally disassembled and rebuilt with all new bearings, seals, gaskets and fasteners and then coated with satin clear to prevent oxidation and preserve finish.
    • Transmission totally rebuilt with all new bearings, seals and gaskets.
    • Final drive assembly evaluated and found to be in perfect order.
    • Heads were media blasted and received new BMW valves, guides and seats.
    • Cylinders re-bored to first over and received new pistons, rings and pins. Work was done at Northeast Machine. Cylinders were painted with high temp black.
    • Wheels received new chrome/steel rims and stainless steel spokes. New wheel bearings were properly pre-loaded and installed with new seals. Proper offset was set during wheel truing. New tires and tubes, wheel balance preformed.
    • The carburetors were totally dismantled and the bodies were initially soda blasted. Not happy with the result, I bead blasted the carburetor body exteriors and thoroughly washed and removed all traces of media before replacing all interior parts.
    • New headers and mufflers installed.
    • Hella bar-end signals installed along with a pair of Albert headlight mirrors and headlight protection ring.
    • A 12 volt H4 head lamp for better illumination was installed as well as a 12 volt sealed battery.
    • Karcoma petcock, new tank rubbers, emblems and rosettes installed on tank.
    • All hardware that was salvageable on this bike was satin nickle plated to preserve the markings on the bolt heads. Where it was not possible, the fasteners were replaced with stainless steel.
    • New Pagusa solo seat installed.
    • New Benchmarkworks 12 volt charging system was installed.
    • New wiring harness installed and wired into headlight and taillight.
    • Pinstriping completed by Mark Weld.

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