1964 BMW R50/2 VIN #636315

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Restored - For Sale (Price on Request)

This bike came as a parts bike from the same place we received the 1966 R50/2. The bike was in boxes and buckets and generally piled around the floor. Because it was to be used as parts only it was very far from complete. We loaded up and during our evaluation of what we had we decided with some additional parts, to restore this bike. The frame and engine numbers matched but I suspect the engine may have been factory re-stamp. All parts were evaluated and solvent cleaned so we could see exactly what we had to work with. We needed to replace a front fender and gas tank right away. Some frame welding and restoration were needed and then went off to powder coat. Some chrome parts had to be replaced with original used parts and then went off to chrome and polish. We tore down the engine and transmission and the cases were media blasted and Glenn began the process of totally rebuilding engine, transmission and final drive back to factory spec. I worked on the running gear, frame, shocks, swing arms wheels, perches and carburetors. I replaced the brake shoes on the front backing plate media blasted and painted the actuators and installed two new front shocks. I media blasted all the small parts and readied them for the painter. Parts were ordered from Europe and from Benchmarkworks in Mississippi. The wheels were completed with mew stainless steel spokes and chrome/steel rims, new wheel bearings, seals and finished with a pair of Metzler 350×18 tires, tubes and chrome hub caps. The correct carburetors were located, 1/24/45-46 and totally rebuilt. Bodies were cleaned and media blasted with 9 mil bead and completed with new jets, needles, floats and gaskets, they look brand new. On April 1, April fools day, the totally rebuilt motor, transmission and final drive were installed in the frame and a rolling chassis was made. The process of finishing the bike is underway,I am still waiting for the painted parts so I can complete the headlight bucket installation and wiring. I have ordered new switches for the Hella bar end signals and Hi/Lo beams. A 12 volt charging system has been ordered from Benchmarkworks to enhance the lighting and stability of the system and the magneto system has been totally rebuilt with new points,condenser and coil. the remainder of the new parts needed should be on the way so we can finish this bike by the end of April, if all goes well..

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