1962 R69S #655269 No longer available

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Restored - For Sale (Price on Request)

This 1962 BMW R69S #655269 project came to us through a friend and it looked inviting. It was a ground up restoration that had been started by the previous owner so we had to start from scratch to be sure that all of the work was done to factory specifications.


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    Modifications and/or Repairs:
    • The frame, swing arms, earls front end and assorted parts were stripped to bare metal and received a baked zinc primer before black powder coat.
    • The carburetors were totally dismantled, soaked and thoroughly cleaned and fitted with new jets and floats and the conventional seals and gaskets.
    • The transmission was completely dismantled and the case media blasted and cleaned before receiving all new bearings, seals and gaskets. The gears were in perfect condition. The outer case was coated with Eastwood clear satin.
    • Hubs were dismantled, media blasted and coated with Eastwood clear satin.
    • Weinnman rims along with all parts to be polished were sent to Barnes Finnishing for professional polishing before new wheel bearings, seals, stainless steel spokes are installed. Wheels were properly trued with offset, received new tubes and classic tires and balanced.
    • Painting was completed and Mark Weld applied his famous hand pinstriping.
    • New cables used throughout.
    • Wiring completed using a new harness by the late Robert Van Vlet.
    • Hella Bar end signals were attached to the handle bars.
    • Albert headlight mirrors and BMW emblem accents were applied to give a little more snap appeal.
    • New fluids throughout with 30 weight detergent oil in the crankcase for the purpose of breaking in the new engine, good for the first 500 miles.

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