1960 R50S no longer available

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Restored - Not For Sale

In the summer of 2010, we received a phone call asking if we restored BMW motorcycles. The caller wanted to know if we could restore a 1960 BMW that once belonged to his father. We said sure and that was the end of the call. About three weeks later a trailer pulled into the shop and a 1960 R50S was unloaded with all the hay of the barn still on it. We were told that we would be getting a phone call about it soon. A day or so later as we sat having lunch and looking at the bike, we decided to try and start it. We installed new spark plug ends and changed out the old gas. On the 12th kick she started. After 17 years in storage, she kicked over and we ran it up and down the street.

When Richard called a few days later, we started the dialogue about the restoration process and decided that a description and photos at each pivotal phase of the process was the best way for him to understand his options and the expenses that would be incurred by doing things a particular way.



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