1959 R69 VIN# 653488 No longer available

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Restored - SOLD

This bike came from Florida and was sold and titled as a 1959 R69 but I believe that it is actually a 1958 R69 because of the VIN #. The previous owner was in the beginning of a restoration on the bike when it was involved in fire that caused significant damage to the electrical components. Because the fire department used high-pressure hoses putting out the fire, many parts were scattered to the elements, never to be found. Fortunately, I was able to save most the parts that were found following the fire.

After two days of soaking all of the fasteners in Kroil, I was able to free the nuts and bolts that were left on the bike. I have begun the hunt for the many missing parts and buying NOS when I can find them.

It has been a few months into this project and I have made significant progress. The frame and swing arms have been stripped, zinc primed, and power coated gloss black and new bearings and seals installed. The final drive and transmission have been rebuilt with new seals and bearings. The crankshaft has been totally rebuilt and balanced by Brent Hansen. Cases of the engine, transmission, and final drive have been media blasted and clear coated with Eastwood clear satin hi-temp coating. Tank and fenders have been painted and pin striped. The Weinmann hi-lip aluminum rims have been professionally polished, laced with new stainless steel spokes, and new wheel bearings and seals installed, pre-loaded properly, trued and balanced. New Heidneau tires and tubes installed. The chrome parts have been re-done and all aluminum parts have been polished.

The finish has taken some time but the bike is now together and running well if you look at the early photographs of the burned frame and scattered parts it seems amazing that one could get to this beautiful finished stage.

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    Modifications and/or Repairs:
    • Frame and swing arms were stripped to bare metal and zinc primed before being powder coated
    • Engine, transmission, and final drive were totally disassembled and evaluated
    • New Kolben Schmidt pistons first over, BMW valves, guides and all new bearings and seals were installed, including the correct rear main spherical bearing which was customary on the R50S, R69 and the R69S.
    • Crank shaft was rebuilt by Brent Hanson to factory spec.
    • Cases were media blasted and clear coated with Eastwood Clear Satin Hi Temp Sealer to prevent oxidation
    • Shocks were dismantled and rebuilt with new cartridges where needed and new rubbers installed.
    • Swing arms received new bearings and seals properly packed and lubricated.
    • Wheel hubs were media blasted and coated with clear satin to prevent oxidation
    • New wheel bearings were properly shimmed and seals replaced.
    • Wheels were laced with new stainless spokes, professionally polished Weinmann Hi lip rims and trued with the proper offset
    • New Heidenau tires and tubes, 350 x 18, were mounted and balanced
    • Carburetors were dismantled, bodies media blasted with 9 mil glass bead and rebuilt with new jets and floats
    • New 12 volt charging system from Benchmarkworks was installed
    • Rebuilt magneto system from Barrington Motor Works was purchased with re-magnetized rotor, correct magneto plate and manual advance unit mounted on clutch perch
    • A new wiring harness, seals, grommets, gaskets, switches, 12 volt bulbs were added
    • Bar end Hella signals and  Albert headlight mirrors were added
    • Speedometer was totally rebuilt with a new bezel and set to 00000
    • New cables and 12-volt sealed Motobat battery were installed with a charging pigtail
    • Pagusa solo seat, tank rosettes, and new emblems were added
    • The bike received fresh lubricants with high zinc content throughout
    • New header pipes, hangers and stock BMW mufflers have been installed.
    • Paint was done in Avus black using base/clear process, a bit of satin clear was used in the clear to mimic traditional single stage paint
    • Fenders and tanks were hand pinstriped by Mark Weld
    • Fork and tank side case keyed alike
    • Original and new-old-stock parts were used where possible

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