1957 R60 #618118 No Longer Available

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Restored - Not For Sale

This bike came in pieces and parts and not all usable. Engine and frame were somewhat complete and in good condition, but a great deal of damage and mismatched parts were included. One head was LK and the other short reach and a pair of mismatched cylinders were included. Matching heads and cylinders were acquired for the project.

All and all the bike is coming together nicely. i apologize for not having the very early photos i like to include but the project was a long and difficult one and doing the work was enough to keep me very busy. The decision to vary from the norm and approach the project from a new view was helped along by the new level of interest in the retro bikes. I saw a bike on Kevin Brooks’ site done in Red and Black and thought it was stunning. This bike received a complete “ground up” restoration. Engine, transmission and final drive were stripped, media blasted and put back together with new bearings and seals then coated with Eastwood Clear Satin sealer to prevent oxidation. We have had extremely good luck with this product. The carburetors were totally rebuilt, the frame and swing arms were stripped to bare metal and primed with zinc primer coat, baked and then powder coated with satin black. New bearings were put in both swing arms and new seals. The wheels were in very poor condition so they were stripped, the hubs media blasted and new Chrome-steel rims were laced with stainless steel spokes. Wheels were given new bearings which were properly preloaded and a new set of Avon tires and tubes were mounted and balanced for more aggressive handling. Polished parts and re-chrome were done by Niagara Plating. Many of the parts usually polished were glass beaded and coated with Eastwood Matte finish to produce a dull matte look.

Cylinders were bored to 1st over and new pistons, Black Diamond Valves, guides and seats were installed by North East Machine. The tank is a Maier type 6.5 gallon that has been modified by eliminating the top box and the side mounts where the knee pads would mount, allowing a clean flow to the lines. Emblem accents were added to set off the BMW logo.  All new wiring was installed along with an H-4 head light bulb and Hella Bar end signals. At present the bike has no mirrors but a pair of Albert head light mount mirrors will be added before delivery. Last are the mufflers and headers. A new set of BMW exhaust headers were mounted and a pair of Hoske sport mufflers to give it a more “throaty”  sound.

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