1957 R26 #359243 No longer available

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Restored - For Sale (Price on Request)

This R26 sat in a friends basement for over 25 years with all the great intentions of “getting to the project”. As life dictates direction, other things take the place of our plans and soon we let things go and move on. The early photos show the condition of the project as it came to me, again, many boxes of used and abused parts. The head on this bike came with a plumbing union used to hold on the original exhaust system. I do not often work on singles but i thought it might be interesting to do a two tone bike so this will be Dover White and Black. As you can see from the photographs i am making some progress. The motor is totally rebuilt as is the transmission and final drive. The frame is rolling and the paint is back from the painter and the pin stripe is complete. Actually, it is beginning to look like a motorcycle. Many other projects have taken precedence over this one. Winter in Buffalo is coming and i am sure this will be on the bench and nearing completion soon.

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    Modifications and/or Repairs:
    • This bike was already totally dismantled and in boxes when i purchased the project.
    • The evaluation process was difficult because many of the parts wee questionable as to their usability.
    • Frame, swing arms and a few other parts sent to be stripped to bare metal, zinc primed and powder coated satin black.
    • All painted parts were evaluated, welded where needed body work completed and painted black, single stage Dover white. Pin striping was done in black.
    • Engine, transmission, and final drive were stripped, media blasted and put back together with new bearings and seals. All cases then coated with Eastwood Clear Satin sealer to prevent oxidation.
    • Carburetor was missing and another was found andĀ  totally rebuilt. The following day I received a call that the original was found.
    • New bearings were installed in both swing arms with new seals.
    • Wheels were stripped, hubs media blasted, rims professionally polished and laced with stainless steel spokes.
    • Wheels were given new bearings, properly preloaded, and new set of Heidenau tires and tubes were mounted and balanced.
    • Polished parts and re-chromed parts were done by Niagara Plating.
    • Cylinder was bored first over and a new Schmidt piston was installed, BMW Valves, guides and seats were installed by North East Machine.
    • A new fork was replaced.
    • Shock cartridges were evaluated and replaced where needed.
    • All new wiring was installed along with a totally replaced electrical system and Hella Bar end signals.
    • A pair of Bumm headlight mount mirrors were installed.
    • A new BMW exhaust header and muffler were mounted.
    • The R26 receivedĀ  complete lubrication along with 30 weight HD break-in oil to be used for the first 500 miles.

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