1956 R50 VIN #555087 No longer available

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Restored - For Sale (Price on Request)

This 1956 R50 has all the correct attributes that were standard on the 1955 – 56 BMW R50

  • Round shouldered front shock covers
  • Head light mount brackets old style
  • Eber tail light
  • Speedometer correct black face with rounded glass
  • Everbest fuel petcock
  • Matching engine, frame numbers
  • Carburetor numbers correct for that year and model
  • Dished head light bucket

A complete restoration was begun on 10/15/17. Photographs were taken to document the process. During this process the parts were cleaned and sorted for the next step. Chrome and polishing will go one way and the parts going for powder coat another. Before parts can leave the shop a complete evaluation must be made of all the parts to bring them back as close to factory spec as possible. Many parts are easy to evaluate and others, like the center stand, are harder. The center stands take a lot of use and abuse over the years. Most stands we encounter need to have welding done and parts welded to them to help them sit correctly on the stand. This work has to be done before the parts go to stripping and powder coat. The powder process consists of removal of all paint and coatings to bare metal, a baked-on zinc primer is applied before the powder coat is applied and baked.

The engine, transmission, and final drive were taken totally apart so the complete interior received a full evaluation. All gears and interior parts were checked for surface condition, size specs, and overall condition. If machine work is needed, the parts go to the correct machine shops. Parts were purchased from Benchmarkworks or different European sources to get the correct parts for the job. The cases from engine, transmission, and final drive were media blasted using ground glass, totally cleaned, and coated with Eastwood Clear Satin High Temp Spray. This protects the newly cleaned surface and prevents staining and oxidation for many years. When all internals were correct, the running gear was assembled with new German made bearings, seals and gaskets. Front and rear swing arms received new bearings and seals also.

The wheels were completely broken down, spokes, bearings and seals were removed. The hubs were solvent cleaned and media blasted. New wheel bearings were installed and properly pre-loaded. New stainless steel spokes were laced on newly polished aluminum rims or new chrome steel rims. Wheels were trued, new c-block tires and tubes installed, and the wheels were properly balanced.

The paint is Avus Black base/clear coat. I prefer single stage paint but it is getting very difficult to find someone who will do that anymore. The clear coat had some satin clear put in it so it would appear to be a single stage paint job.

All new wiring harnesses were installed as close to original location as possible. The switches are new and the harnesses to them are also new. I also make sure each restoration I complete has a pair of Hella Bar End Signals installed. I find these to be  the best aftermarket accessory available.

The assembly is slow and painstaking to prevent problems or mistakes. At this point, everything appears new. I try to use as much of the original hardware as possible. I have the original hardware plated and where not possible I use stainless steel hardware and media blast the heads which makes them appear to be newly plated.

The carburetors have been totally disassembled and cleaned. The bodies and parts that are exposed were media blasted using low pressure and a 90mil glass bead. This achieves a great soft surface nicer than new. Carbs are assembled with new jets and parts where needed. New cables and all new rubber parts were replaced.

The original black faced speedometer was cleaned, lubricated and rebuilt to factory spec saving the original face and curved glass.

As you can see from the finished photographs the final product is a stunning new 1956 R50 BMW motorcycle….

For more information on this bike, contact Jim using the form below:

    Modifications and/or Repairs:
    • Frame and swing arms were stripped to bare metal and zinc primed before being painted Avus Black base/clear coat.
    • Engine, transmission, and final drive were totally disassembled and evaluated
    • New Schmidt pistons, BMW valves, guides and all new bearings and seals were installed
    • Crank shaft evaluted and found in excellent condition
    • Cases were media blasted and clear coated with Eastwood Clear Satin Hi Temp Sealer to prevent oxidation
    • Shocks were dismantled and rebuilt with new cartridges where needed and new rubbers installed.
    • Swing arms received new bearings and seals properly packed and lubricated.
    • Wheel hubs were media blasted and coated with clear satin to prevent oxidation
    • New wheel bearings were properly shimmed and seals replaced.
    • Wheels were laced with new stainless spokes, newly polished Weinmann Hi lip rims and trued with the proper offset
    • New Heidenau tires and tubes, 350-18, were mounted and balanced
    • Carburetors were dismantled bead blasted and rebuilt with new jets.
    • A new wiring harness, seals, grommets, gaskets, switches, bulbs were added
    • Bar end Hella signals, Albert headlight mirrors and a chrome headlight guard were added
    • Speedometer was totally rebuilt with a new bezel and set to 00000
    • New cables and 6-volt battery were installed
    • Pagusa solo seat was added
    • Original BMW tank emblems
    • The bike received fresh lubricants
    • New header pipes, hangers and stock BMW mufflers have been installed.
    • Original and new-old-stock parts were used where possible

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