1955 R50 VIN# 552577 No longer available

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Restored - For Sale (Price on Request)

This 1955 R50 was the very first year for the R50 twin. Some parts were particular to that year and model like the dished headlight bucket, rounded shock towers, small headlight ears, black faced speedometer, the un-braced front fender and the single cross spoke pattern.

This R50 is undergoing a total restoration. To date the frame has been zinc primed and powder coated, the polishing and chrome work along with the single cross wheels have been professionally polished. Single stage Avus Black paint will help with the originality of the project.

The Crank and cam shafts have been totally rebuilt to factory specifications. New bearingsĀ  for the engine, transmission and final drive, all receiving a total rebuild. A new main wiring harness, new switches and switching harnesses for hi/lo headlight and turn signals will accompany a pair Hella bar end signals.

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    Modifications and/or Repairs:
    • Engine, transmission, and final drive were stripped, media blasted and put back together with new bearings and seals and then coated with Eastwood Clear Satin sealer to prevent oxidation.
    • Crank shaft was rebuilt by Cycleworks.
    • Cam shaft was resurfaced at Cycleworks as well as all 4 lifters.
    • Carburetors were totally rebuilt with new jets and adjustment screws.
    • Frame and swing arms were stripped to bare metal and primed with zinc primer coat, baked, and then powder coated with satin black.
    • New bearings were put in both front and rear swing arms with new seals.
    • Wheels were stripped, hubs media blasted, rims professionally polished and laced with stainless steel spokes.
    • Wheels were given new bearings, properly pre-loaded, and new set of Heidenau tires and tubes were mounted and balanced.
    • Polished parts and re-chrome were done by Niagara Plating.
    • Engine, transmission and final drive cases were glass beaded and coated with Eastwood Clear Satin finish to prevent future oxidation.
    • Cylinders were bored to 1st over and new pistons, BMW Valves, guides and seats were installed by North East Machine.
    • Sheet metal was stripped. holes welded, primed and painted with single stage Avus blackĀ  paint and hand pin-striped by Mark Weld.
    • New fork and tank locks were replaced.
    • Emblem accents were added to set off the BMW logo.
    • All new wiring was installed along with an H-4 headlight bulb and Hella Bar end signals.
    • A pair of Albert headlight mount mirrors were installed.
    • A new set of BMW exhaust headers and mufflers were mounted.

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