1955 R50 VIN #551897

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Restored - Not For Sale

This 1955 R50 Was the 464th of the new production twin, pre /2 R50 BMW motorcycles built. The design was new and many new innovations were included that year such as the change from the telescoping liquid damper front fork that was changed over to an Earle’s-swing arm braced front end with a spring/shock absorber combination. The same modification was done in the rear moving from the plunger type rear suspension to the spring/shock combination. Many other changes were made that year also some cosmetic and some things were carried over and changed at a later date.

The photographs used to list the bike were not very detailed and the buyers were many and  tenacious. I worked out a deal on a Sunday morning and sent a down payment. The seller, not a BMW vintage enthusiast was happy he could mark it sold and be finished with the many and frequent calls. I received this motorcycle in mid December 2020 and it proved to be in worse shape than I thought.

When buying these old bikes it is important to get as many of the year-specific parts and possible, those are the parts that are hard to source. This bike had one single cross wheel and one later, double cross pattern. The air cleaner was not correct for that year and someone had created and welded on a “side stand”. The headlight ears were not correct but the later version with the rubber mounts were far superior and solved the problem of the ears breaking and needing repair. There is controversy about the headlight bucket with he dished bottom, some say correct for that year and some say they used up the dished buckets they had on the line. this bike had 2, 6 volt coils under the tank and a wiring modification I could not understand. All and all, a project, I have presented the beginning photos for your information.

I just finished breaking done the bike and welded new center stand mounts, battery tray and filled all the holes in the frame. The frame and swing arms are off to get powder coat.

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