1953 R51/3 Vin# 536383

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Restored - For Sale (Price on Request)

This 1953 R51/3 motorcycle, Vin # 536383 was manufactured on September 4, 1953 and delivered October 10, 1953 to the German dealer Brodersen in Tonning Germany. It came to me on November 10, 2019 from a friend who got the bike in pieces after 25 years apart and in in storage. Inventory, dismantling, accessing and evaluation are the beginning steps. What is here, what is needed and what is usable. This process will take a few weeks before a restoration plan can be laid out. The sheet metal is in good condition except the tank is an early /3 Hoske 8 gal. and rough condition. I have purchased a stock gas tank from Greece and along with the fenders is at the painters. Although the tank had been painted and striped, in order for the look to be uniform it had to be re-painted. The heads are complete and the final drive was rebuilt by Uli’s in Switzerland. The engine is frozen and the fork legs, sliders and dampers are rusted and probably will take a great deal of work. I have purchased a new pair of fork tubes and dampers as well as many other new parts for the front end and it is now together and on the bike. The frame is back from the powder coat and looks great. The final drive suspension is together and on the bike with the new bottoming springs to boost the suspension as opposed to the rubber bumper that was stock for the R51/3. The engine is apart and media blasted and totally clean, ready to be assembled. I purchased a re-built crankshaft by Chris Chambers for the project. when ever you can get a crank re-built by him, buy it. The engine will begin to go together next week and the bike will start to take shape.

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    Modifications and/or Repairs:
    • Triple matching number motorcycle, engine, frame and head stock plate,
    • Tank, fenders painted Avus Black
    • Hand pin striped
    • Original R51/3 cylinders were sleeved and bored to standard, new Kolben Schmidt standard pistons installed
    • New stainless steel axels
    • Original R51/3 cylinders were sleeved to standard bore, new Kolben Schmidt pistons installed
    • Original heads fitted with new guides, seats, and BMW valves
    • Motor  rebuilt with new bearings and seals and the crankshaft was rebuilt by Chris Chambers
    • Final drive rebuilt and shimmed by Uli’s
    • New front end fork tubes and dampers and all internal sealing parts
    • Hubs and wheels are full hubs and fitted with new brake shoes
    • New aluminum wheels are not stock but nicely laced with SS spokes new wheel bearings with proper pre-load. Mounted and balanced are new 350 x 19 Metzler tires and tubes
    • Carbs are correct, original, 1/22/61-62, cleaned, bodies media blasted with 9mil glass bead, fit with new jets, needles, floats and gaskets
    • Correct new 30″ handle bars
    • Speedometer is new in KPH
    • New wiring harness, switches, and cables
    • Rebuilt magneto
    • Chrome Parts all re-chromed
    • Aluminum parts all professionally polished
    • Correct /3 spark plug caps
    • New /3 petcock and fuel line
    • New Pagusa solo seat



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