1952 R67/2 VIN#612525

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Restored - For Sale (Price on Request)

This 1952 R67/2 recently came to me from Rochester NY. The bike has been through many owners in the past 20+ years . Originally taken apart almost 25 years ago by then BMW dealer Dickenson BMW in Johnson Creek NY, and has been apart ever since. The bike has changed hands 5 times since being dismantled and of course parts have gone missing in the many moves.
I picked up the bike in July of 2021 and have started the process of sorting, cataloguing and ordering parts needed to start working on restoring the 52 R67/2 to its factory spec. The /3 model bikes had many changes in 5 short years as is documented in the Barrington Motor Works BMW R51/3 TO R68 MOTORCYCLE RESTORATION AND SERVICE MANUAL. Chris and Barbara Betjemann point out the many changes made to the frame and running gear during the 1952 to 1955 production cycle. The R67 model had 3 different model changes from the R67, R67/2 and the R67/3 before getting away form the plunger models and going to the totally new  R50 model in 1955.

Any parts needing polishing or chroming were sent out to be done. The frame needed some welding and many new and used parts needed to be sourced at this time.

I started by completing the motor which had the bottom end rebuilt earlier by a well known BMW mechanic. I had to  source a clutch and flywheel, ordered a new disk and rear main seal and installed them to the motor. The electrics were next. The generator needed lots of work and rewiring, a new coil, points and condenser and a cleaning and re-working of all the magneto and generator parts The cylinders were bored to first over and new Schmidt pistons fitted. The heads received new guides and valves and were media blasted.New steering head bearings were installed and the front end laid out to get an idea of how the full metal shroud front end went together. This was new to me, all of the /3 bikes i had done in the past, including two R67/3, four R51/3 and an R68 all had the rubber gators.The Barrington book was very valuable in this process. The front end went together slowly, came apart and went together again for the final time once I was sure I had it correct. The front wheel and brake hub was then installed complete with new brake shoes and springs and stainless steel axles front and rear. I have found that re-chroming axles do not fit smoothly into the wheels so started using  new stainless steel axles on all restoration projects.

The wheels received new wheel bearings and the correct black/silver rims. I tried to job out the lacing and truing but had no takers so, I learned a new skill and laced and trued half hub wheels. I mounted and balanced a new pair of Metzler 325/19 “C” block tires and tubes.

The rear drive has been rebuilt along with the transmission by the same BMW mechanic who did the bottom end of the motor. I installed the rear drive in the frame after installing the spring and plunger rod. The left side axle holder was also rebuilt with a new spring and spring holder, this allowed me to install the rear wheel.

The head light bucket has been installed and the main harness has been run from the headlight to the frame. The motor and transmission are next to be installed as soon as I can find someone to help. Got some help and the engine, transmission and final drive are finally in and hooked up, everything works as it should. The carburetors are rare and correct for the bike and the year. They were rebuilt by Bing many years ago so I took them apart and checked to make sure all of the correct jets, and gaskets were used. All was well and I buttoned them up and installed them with new flange gaskets.

I just received the painted parts from my painter with the double white stripe, finished. As usual the parts look great and I have mounted the front and rear fender as well as the tank. this is usually pains taking work because you do not want to damage anything at this point in the finish.  The tank has new rubber side pads, roundels and petcock. All of the running gear has been installed and rear brake hooked up. I installed the header pipes with the straight profile and the new swallow tail mufflers.

All that is next to finish is the wiring inside the headlight and fluids and I can start the bike. Even though the static timing has been set up correctly, minor tweaking is always necessary.

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